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 Clan History and Origin

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PostSubject: Clan History and Origin   Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:53 pm

Shadow Virus/Legacy Clan History

]The Shadow Virus story began back in December of 2008. ExoShadow aka James met ZeroVirus and they decided to combine their two names to create Shadow Virus. DK64 and Spikey shell joined along with JohnnyRingo. After 4 wars and 2 weeks of clan activitity, James decides to leave SV to join Inefected with Skill. By that time Shadow Virus was down to 5 members and things definately were not promising for the future. We [size0]then merged with the Xtreme Racers clan and went under the leadership of Kizzbuzzin and ZeroVirus. Due to timezone conflictions, Kizz and his UK members were forced to leave Shadow Virus. Shadow Virus became a predominently North American Clan over the months of January to April. Ringo and Virus were very young and inexperienced leaders. Therefore, they made some very poor choices in recruitment. The poor choices and inactivity led to the fall of SV on April 5th, 2009.

Shadow Virus decided to return as Legacy on April 8th. Things were looking promising for Legacy as some strong members joined. One of the members was just waiting for other clan options so his heart was not truly in Legacy. One of the members turned out be a multi clanner and multi accounter. A few other members decided to leave as well. James decided to leave to pursue other interests outside of Mario Kart[/size]. Ringo became very frustrated and left the clan. ZeroVirus was demoralized and frustrated as well. Legacy died in a month, the members dispersed elsewhere, and Ringo and Virus disapeared into obscurity, retiring and walking away from the game completely. On July 20th, 2009 Shadow Virus returned with an agenda. This time we are here to stay. SV has realized past mistakes and looks to build on what we have estabilished to create a successful future and a fun environment for all who want to be apart of it.
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Clan History and Origin
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